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2 TImothy 3:15-16


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07/24/2016Paul Martin A Whole Faith makes Internal Integrity Active (17_A_Whole_Faith_makes_Internal_Integrity_Active.mp3)
Living the Whole Faith Series James 5.12
Believers with a whole faith know the integrity of God's character and endeavor to mold their character in the same form.
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08/07/2016Paul Martin The Way of Blessing: 8 Parts 1 Heart (18_The_Way_of_Blessing_8_Parts_to_1_Heart.mp3)
Living the Whole Faith Series Matthew 5.1-12
The Way of Blessing is being made Whole in Christ with His 8-part practice of living that brings understanding to who I am in my relationship with God, with myself, and with the world I live in.
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09/11/2016Paul Martin God's Word is the Way to Blessing (01_God_s_Word_is_th_Way_to_Blessing.mp3)
Psalms: the Strength and Hope of God's Promise Psalms 1
The Way to Blessing is to be grounded, growing, and giving through God's Word.
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02/19/2017Paul Martin The Story of Ruth: A bright Hope in a dark world (01_The_Story_of_Ruth_A_bright_Hope_in_a_dark_world.mp3)
Hope is a bright Blessing Ruth 1.1-5
The story of Ruth tells us that the bright hope of a redeemer restores the loss of wandering in darkness.
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02/26/2017Paul Martin Hope is found by returning to Goodness (02_Hope_is_found_by_returning_to_Goodnes.mp3)
Hope is a bright Blessing Ruth 1.6-22
Commitment to the Love and Goodness of God and Confession of Faithfulness to God is the recipe for hope in the midst of darkness.
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04/09/2017Paul Martin Hope praises God's plan for the Person (08_Hope_praises_God_s_plan_for_the_person.mp3)
Hope is a bright Blessing Ruth Ruth 4.18-22 & Matthew 21.6-11
The bright Hope of the promised Messiah is God's plan to redeem and restore people into right relationship with God.
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